All of the lights – Neon Brights

 With summer rapidly approaching I have been thinking about the bright colours that really pop and make you stand out from the crowd. It’s amazing what a difference a bit of colour can make to how you feel and how you look. One of my favourite neon colours recently has been this bright orange it’s particularly fabulous when you have a bit of colour in your skin and really heightens the colour contrast.

 From a full outfit to a few simple accessories accenting and brightening up your daily look you can’t go wrong with bright colours. I wore these looks on a trip to Italy and they really made me feel summery. Both outfits are simple to dress up or down and are from two of my favourite and most frequently worn brands. 

IMG_4282 IMG_4304 IMG_4322

Dress : Whistles

scarf : Whistles

Shoes : Carvela


Dress: Sandro

Shoes: Nine West

Locations: Florence/Naples


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