Verona Verona Verona

¬†Italy is by far my favourite country to visit in Europe for a variety of reasons. There are so many incredible places to visit, and each one has its own unique characteristics…from the largest cities to the smallest hide away villages I am yet to be disappointed.

Roman amphitheatre
Roman amphitheatre

Verona was one of the places on my list that I really wanted to see, there was a certain charm from what I had seen and read before visiting that I wanted to experience for myself.

On arriving in Verona I realised that it was a lot smaller than I had anticipated, it is in fact a very compact and quaint place with most things easily accessible by foot with the company of a trusty map.

I found Verona to be most beautiful at night when some of the main architectural features are   lit up with colourful lights that really make the buildings shine. It was great to dine with views of the amphitheatre in its pink hue adding to the ambiance of the place.

Verona is also a great place to get transport links to other neighbouring towns and cities that are equally worth visiting.

That’s another place off my list


Roman amphitheatre
Roman amphitheatre






Coat: Asos

Jumpsuit : Whistles

Location : Verona (Italy)


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