Lost on the lake (Lake Garda)

As I mentioned earlier, Italy will forever be that place for me that is so surreal and amazing that I cannot wait to discover more. I’m sure that everyone has been to a place that has just felt like a perfect match for them…and that the time you spend in that place is just not enough…just a couple of days more. However, there is nothing wrong with a little pang of wanting to go back somewhere as you then know for sure you need to go back as soon as possible with your newly updated to do list.

Version 2

For me unquestionably this place is Lake Garda or (Lago di Garda) as it is better known in Italian.

What can I say?

Breathtaking landscape, sculpted to perfection I felt as though I was on a film set. This really is a luxurious place and most definitely suits people who like to spend their time outdoors and soaking up the beautiful nature on offer.

I spent most of my time outside admittedly, I just found it to be so beautiful that as little time indoors as possible was what I wanted as I was only there for such a short time.


The lake is so vast that there are a connection of boats to take you from one part of the lake to another. It is wise to do research into the timing of these in advance so you don’t find yourself stranded without means of getting back to the part of the lake you are staying at.

Unless you fancy swimming home of course, but I’m certainly not up to that.

My favourite parts of the lake were Bardolino and Lazise, and I can’t wait to visit again.

Best time of day for me was sunset….it is a must to be on the lake front as the sun goes down. Preferably with a nice cold drink in hand.






Cardigan : Ralph Lauren

Top: Topshop

Pants: Zara

Scarf : Whistles

Location : Lake Garda


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